Are you an outgoing, "people person?" Would you enjoy warmly welcoming our many guests as they enter Springdale Baptist Church? We are looking for men and women that understand, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you are excited and energetic about joyfully welcoming the local community to The Spring - sign up and serve!

Do you solve unique situations with tact, professionalism and love?
Would you be confident to: Help guests find a seat in the sanctuary? Make them feel welcome and appreciated? Answer basic questions about the service? Most of all, would you reflect the love of Jesus to all guests? We are looking for servants who have a unique talent to be sensitive to first time visitors, resolve minor challenges in the sanctuary and rightly reflect Springdale Baptist Church to our community. If you feel called to participate with this team -sign up and serve!

Do you remember what if felt like to visit for the first time?
Would you welcome our first time guests by making them feel part of a family and not strangers? Would you enjoy answering questions about our ministry? Would you be confident to pray with those that need it? We are looking for those that would be happy to provide more information about our church, help new people get plugged in, and even lead someone to Christ if the moment calls for it.

Do you have a talent for making others feel welcome in a courteous and professional way? Do you still believe in chivalry? We are looking for men that will greet all of our guests: Rain, Sunshine, Sleet, or Snow. (Yes, we get it all in Memphis). Our Front Liners meet guests in the parking lot. When raining, they provide umbrellas to those that need them and escort them into the facility. We don't want anything to stop our guests from coming to church.

The purpose of the Parking Lot Ministry is to direct traffic, accommodate all members and guests. From the moment that your tires roll onto our campus we want to make sure that you have everything you need. That starts with a good parking space. If you are a first time guest, turn on your flashers, and we'll park you right up front.

Do you enjoy serving others with a spirit of excellence? We are looking for servants who have culinary or hospitality gifts to host and serve our guests and members with food, drinks, and entertainment in a five star fashion.

Worship Arts and Multi-Media believes that in all that we do, we as Christians must do it whole heartedly unto the Lord. Worship Arts centers on serving God. Simply, it all comes back to our worship of God being a way of life and not just a thing that we do.

Praise and Worship Dancers
Shall we dance? While the spoken Word, songs of praise and other recitations symbolically convey and represent enactment of worshipers relationship with God through the medium of language, dance or movement also conveys the God-Humankind relationship through interpretative movements. Worship is characterized by many dramatic elements (The Lord’s Supper, Baptism, Easter Dramas, etc.) including dance. Throughout past ages dancing has been associated with worship.
The Dr. Lee R. Brown Praise & Worship Dancers (for children, youth, and young adults) and the Women of Dance (18 years and older) share in the Worship experience often at Springdale Baptist Church and other gatherings. Answer your call from God and join us in the dance ministry.

Do you have the JOY for the Lord? “Always remember J is to think of Jesus first, O is for others second, and Y for yourself, last.” This is the motto of the Joy for Christ Puppet Ministry and our scripture is: “These things have I spoken unto you that my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full.” (John 15:11) 
The Joy for Christ Puppet Ministry is designed to enhance participation, create fellowship, and teach teamwork among puppeteers. This is done through the art of hand puppet drama productions that inform, entertain, and clarify the message of Jesus Christ to the congregation of saved and unsaved. This may be done through songs, skits, or plays. If you are ready to build your spiritual foundation while sharing the Gospel with others, the Puppet Ministry is for you.

Lights … Camera … Action … The Drama Ministry’s purpose is to use drama to present the gospel in order to challenge the congregation to greater reflection and commitment to Christ and His church, and to help win the lost to Christ. The Drama Ministry utilizes the gifts God has given us, so Christ can be glorified through us. We all have a little drama in us and we can use your acting skills in our next production.

An Alternative Ministry of Outreach. The Step Ministry is an effective way for the children and youth to minister to their peers by explaining Gospel truths through their rhythmic movements and chants. Stepping also teaches discipline and teamwork. If you are 17 and younger, we have a place for you.

Music Ministry
Do you love to make a joyful noise to the Lord? The Music Ministry has a place for you! Our Music Ministry gives praise to God at all times by spreading the Gospel through song. The Music Ministry is responsible for boldly responding to the Church’s Vision through the medium of music and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Opportunities to minister through song are available with the Mass Choir, the Male Choir, and the Children, Youth, & Young Adult Choir. We strive to touch the lost souls, exalt the praises and goodness of the Lord with the saints and bring those who have strayed back into the flock. Make a joyful noise to the Lord and join the Music Ministry.

Media Ministry
Are you energetic? Do you pay attention to detail? Are you able to multi-task? If you answered yes, we have a space for you in the Media Ministry. The Media Ministry provides quality sound and a smooth worship flow without distortion during the worship experience or any other functions held at Springdale Baptist Church. The Audio Ministry provides quality duplication via CD, assists in Children Church, Nursery, Bible Study, and other ministry opportunities. If you are ready for the fast-paced ministry opportunity, Media Ministry is waiting.

Communication Portals
Do you like to spread good news? We have established outlets for communicating with the congregation, visitors, and friends of Springdale.

• Announcements are shared via written and verbal exchanges to provide the congregation with a medium of receiving upcoming events, observations, and updates. The Announcements are part of the Morning Worship Service.

• Email Blasts are shared periodically to announce church-wide events and to send reminders.

Social Media
Got Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, Periscope, YouTube? To reach every generation of our congregation and community we have established a Social Media hub to promote the ministries at Springdale and to provide live and recorded videos of events and services. If you love to chat and share pictures with friends, the Social Media Ministry is for you.

Graphics & Web Design
Graphic Arts & Web Design Ministry provides ministries print designs for communication needs as well as manages and maintains the church’s website.
• Designs and manages the church website

• Designs flyers for other ministries, with in-house printing

• Designs slideshow presentations for monitor

• Provides standards for graphic design that has been established by Springdale Baptist Church

• Capture moments via photographs/videos


Men in Christ Ministry
What comes to your mind when you think of being a man?
Strength… Boldness… Passion… Purpose… Leadership… Respect. Each of these qualities personify the role that God has called men to take in this world. This is what we define Men in Christ. At “The Spring”, a revolution has begun, and we are invested in developing men that walk closely with God and follow His guidance at every turn. As we strive towards building a community of faithful men who are equipped to lead themselves and their families, we offer solid Biblical teaching that prepares your heart and mind to follow God’s path for your life. On our journey, we will unpack what it means to be godly servant-leaders and challenge each other to pursue that life. During our Men in Christ ministry gatherings, we emphasize and equip the man you are becoming, despite the man you may have been. Join us every 2nd Saturday of the month at 8:00A as we study God’s Word over breakfast and live out what it means to be a Christian man.

Sisterhood Ministry
A Woman’s Gotta Do What a Woman’s Gotta Do!
Sisterhood strives to be a connection point for unchurched and churched women are fully engaged with God, one another, so that we can have a growing relationship with Christ while building authentic community with one another. During our Sisterhood fellowships, we unmask the pretense of womanhood and focus on God’s purpose for Christian women. Join us every 2nd Saturday of the month at 11:00A as we learn to align ourselves with God’s will, and take the time to delve into God’s Word to discover the life-changing Biblical truths He has given us to follow.

Marriage Ministry
Why did we get married?
The Marriage Ministry at The Spring strives to create an environment where couples of all ages can:
· Build a marriage centered on God, His Word and His principles

· Create lasting connections to God’s community

· Grow in love, respect, and support of one another

· Maintain a strong marriage no matter the circumstances life brings

Join us the 3rd Friday of the month at 7:00P as you’ll learn from watching real life couples share candidly about their struggles in communication, finances, sexual intimacy, expectations, historical barriers, family systems and more. Throughout the year, we also plan fun filled fellowships to help promote maintaining the fire in your marriage.

Single’s Ministry
Currently in a season of singleness?
The Singles Ministry of The Spring is perfect for Singles who are dedicated to living godly lives that honor the Lord! A season of singleness offers a time in life when we can serve God fully and work to understand His complete will for our lives. The Singles of The Spring strive to serve God whole-heartedly and place His will above all personal desires; we believe in attentively studying God’s Word and spending time in His presence so we can learn how to live in godly contentment.

Service Times
6:00 PM - Corporate Prayer
6:30 PM - Life Groups

8:00 AM - Bible Study
10:45 AM - Worship Service
(Nursery Available)


Midtown North Campus
1193 Springdale Street
Memphis, TN 38108

(coming soon)
National Baptist Convention

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