2020 and 2021 can be best described as adapting or moving from phase to phase. The entire world as we know it endured shutting down and slowly reentering life in phases. Countries, counties, cities, companies, and churches are reopening in phases but life is different than it once was pre-pandemic. Going to the doctor, ordering food at favorite restaurant, flying on an airplane, and registering or signing in for church are just some of the adaptations. Some good news is that church adapted and became more aggressive in communicating the Good News globally. The Spring has a unique opportunity to reach more people with the Gospel than every before if we adapt. We can seek, serve, and help more grow if we adapt. Discipleship, leadership, and evangelism MUST have a digital imprint if we are serious about kingdom building. The only time we have is now and this short window is constantly changing. The saints must be in sync with the changes so we can strategically minister to the needs of humanity. 

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