Next Steps

“Win With Us” by becoming a part of Springdale Baptist Church

Doing anything new can foster several emotions. Excitement, fear, nervousness, and joy may be hitting you all at once. Here’s a secret: you are not alone. Joining the body of Christ is a big decision, and we are glad to be here to welcome and guide you.

Here are your next steps:


To accept Jesus as your personal Savior is to acknowledge who Jesus is in your own life. It is to believe in Him. John 1:12 says: “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” John 3:16 adds, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” Are you willing to place your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and receive this free gift of eternal life? If so, follow through with the decision right now. There is no special prayer you must pray to do so. However, the following prayer is one you can use to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior: “Dear God, I realize I am a sinner and could never reach heaven by my own good deeds. Right now I place my faith in Jesus Christ as God’s Son who died for my sins and rose from the dead to give me eternal life. Please forgive me of my sins and help me to live for you. Thank you for loving me and giving me eternal life.”


Let us know you are coming and we will roll out the red carpet for you! We have a special First Impressions Team ready to show you around and help answer any questions you might have. Fill out the information below and we will e-mail you everything you’ll need to make your first visit to the Springdale Baptist Church a great one. We will also be able to pre-register your children and teens before you arrive.


Starting Point is our course for those accepting Jesus Christ for the first time. This one time only 4-hour course is where you will learn about the core teachings on our Christian faith. Our L.I.F.E classes designed for those new to our church but not new to the Christian faith is absolutely the best way to get engaged at Springdale! This one time only, 4-hour course is where you will learn all about our church, its leaders, the places you can volunteer, and several ways to get your entire family involved. This course comes complete with an info packet, refreshments, and a time to meet our Pastor, Dr. Kevin B. Taylor. Click the Link below to register for the next class!


Baptism is an illustration of your new life as a Christian. It symbolizes Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection as a sacrifice for our sins. The Bible tells us that Jesus himself was baptized by immersion in water, and we do the same to show our acceptance of His sacrifice and message. At Springdale, any person who is at least 5 years of age, has accepted Jesus Christ, and understands the meaning of baptism may be baptized. For more information on baptism, BAPTISM FORM


Congratulations! You have a baby. Welcome to the world of parenthood. Perhaps this is an encore performance for you. If so, welcome back. The Bible introduces the family in the first chapters of Genesis. In the introduction and throughout the sacred pages, God communicates to us the purpose of the family as the primary place where life is developed and deployed for the work of His Kingdom. To dedicate your child is a good thing as it establishes a legacy of spiritual development. If it is your desire to start your child on this journey, please complete the form by clicking the form button below.